Originally formulated for the oil and aeronautics industry, the technology has now rapidly expanded into the automotive industry, all because of how effective it is. Jade Ceramics are approved by Boeing Aerospace and their rigorous quality testing and endorsed to their  D-6 17487T standard. Jade Ceramic Coatings is a super premium surface coating line that provides outstanding gloss, protection and durability. It will reduce the amount of time spent washing and cleaning your vehicle and also cut down on the amount of times you need to wash your vehicle per month. When evaluated in the market, Jade Ceramic Coatings consistently out performs other products, delivering higher gloss, hardness and water hydrophobicity. Jade Ceramic Coatings have been lab tested and hardness certified 9H by SGS International Institute and can protect your surface from the elements for years. Surfaces coated will have a higher gloss, advanced protection against scratching and oxidation, and water repellency unrivaled by any traditional wax or sealant. Protect your investment with the very best Ceramic Coating on the market. You can now register your vehicle with Carfax which will create additional value when you put your vehicle on the market to sell.

5 Year Protection - 10H
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5 Year Protection - 9H
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All vehicles should have the paint detailed as close to perfect as possible before ceramic coating is applied. This process can be done in 3 stages depending on the paint. Defects such as scratches, swirl marks, spider webbing, and chips will need to be corrected prior to ceramic coating application unless car is new or newly painted. Pricing is based on size and condition of the paint.  
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