Jade Graphene Coatings

Jade Graphene Coatings are the next generation of ceramic coating technology that provide everything you love about ceramics with the added protection of graphene! The highly advanced silicon dioxide (Si02) and graphene oxide coating bonds with the surface at a molecular level, creating a super durable coating with protection that will last years!


The Jade Graphene Pro is a 10H on the hardness scale. It provides up to 5 years of protection – No further paint protection required. Waxing and sealing can be replaced with the Jade Graphene Pro Coating. The Jade Graphene Pro is easier to maintain, lasts longer, and sheds water with ease. The Jade Graphene Pro is anti-static, hydrophobic, resistant to swirls and micro-marring, and requires minimal polishing. All new graphene coatings can now be registered with Carfax which will create additional value when you put your vehicle on the market to sell. 

Premium Graphene Coatings 



Up To 5 Year Protection - 10H

Call For Pricing 

All vehicles should have the paint detailed as close to perfect as possible before any coating is applied.

This process can be done in 4 stages depending on the paint. Defects such as scratches, swirl marks, spider webbing, and marring should be corrected prior to any coating applications.

Pricing is based on size and condition of the paint.

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We are a Certified professional Jade Ceramic Applicator