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Interior Detailing Services


All auto interior detailing services include a thorough vacuuming and air purging to remove dirt, dust and debris. All mirrors and windows are thoroughly cleaned. Prices shown below are estimates; actual cost of services will depend on the condition and size of your automobile. All of our chemicals are environmentally safe, yet achieve maximum results.


Interior Detail

Starting at $185

Your interior is first air purged and vacuumed to remove dust, dirt and other debris from floor boards and hard to access cracks and crevices. Leather and vinyl along with trim are cleaned and treated so they look like new. We then spot treat interior upholstery and carpet stains, shampoo and hot water extract to remove stale odors, grime and ground-in dirt. The interior cleaning products we use are pH balanced and contain optical brighteners to help enhance the appearance. We also clean interior mirrors, windows & gauges. You can choose from several fragrances.


Ozone Treatment

Starting at $100

Ozone Treatments can permanently neutralize odors from smoke, mildew, mold, bacteria and most other odors producers. Ozone is a gas with a unique scent, occurring naturally at beaches, forests, near waterfalls, or after the rain. Being next to the most powerful sterilizing chemical in existence, it also easily kills mold, mildew, bacteria and viruses. We place the ozone generator in the interior of your vehicle after the odor source has been extracted and sanitized.
Ozone treatment times can vary, stronger odors can take longer to neutralize. We recommend a full interior detail before adding our ozone treatment.


Upholstery Shampooing

Starting at $40 Per Seat

To remove loose debris, automotive seats will be vacuumed and air purged. Checking your upholstery for stains, excessive grime and ground-in dirt, we then shampoo and deep clean your interiors fabric with a heated extractor.


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