Exterior Detailing Services

All exterior auto detailing services include a thorough cleaning of tires, wheels and wheel wells, and a hand wash/chamois dry. This also includes removal of grime, bugs and tar, and an application of clay for removal of environmental fallout. Claying deep cleans the paint, penetrating the pores and enabling waxes and sealants to bond better and last longer. Your car's exterior tires and trim are dressed, detailed and conditioned to be like new. Prices shown are estimates; actual costs depend on your vehicle's size and condition.


Exterior Wash & Wax

Starting at $145

First your car is washed then machine buffed using our swirl free buffing process. We use unique glazes and resins polishing and restoring your vehicles paint closer to its original beauty. Achieving a wet look while sealing in protection and leaving a brilliant shine. Offers up to six months of protection. There is an additional cost for compounding/paint corrections.


Paint Chip Repair

Starting at $40

We offer a fast and simple way to fix those ugly paint chips that ruin the look of your automobiles finish. Some body shops will charge you hundreds of dollars to and paint and refinish just your vehicles hood. We provide a paint chip repair service to fill-in chips so that from a normal distance "road rash" is disguised and your vehicles painted finish looks new. For deep scratches this is also an effective treatment. We recommend detailing prior to our paint chip repair service. Typical areas most affected by the "road rash" are a vehicles hood and front fenders.


Engine Shampoo Service

Starting $50


Headlight Restoration

Starting at $50

Dirty, dingy headlights are not only unsightly but more importantly, they make driving at night dangerous. We can clean, restore and refinish your headlights back to new or like new conditions.